Philly-Style Funk from Brit Band BROTHERS RASPUTIN — They’re Like Psychedelic Bee Gees

Singer and guitarist Mitch uses live looping techniques whilst prowling the stage, confronting members of the audience, and delivering his soprano vocals and his choppily funkadelic lead licks. Nick Taylor (bass) and Rommy Turtev (drums) add the rhythms.

These three London (UK) musicians,  known as Brothers Rasputin,  release their new EP ‘Get Over It’ on 28 August.

Featuring prestigious guest appearances from film composer Patrick Jonsson (the Oscar-nominated Virunga), jazz musician Mike McEvoy (Soul to Soul, Steve Winwood) plus backing vocal duties performed by the likes of Kelli-Leigh (Duke Dumont/Second City) and Bridgette Amofah (Rudimental) — this new set of recordings embellishes the Brothers with a slick wide-screen sheen to their intuitive groove.

This secretes indulgent smears of wallowing fruitiness...
This secretes indulgent smears of wallowing fruitiness…

We listened to title track, Get Over It

This secretes indulgent smears of wallowing fruitiness, as the liquid-cool guitar chuckles across those adroit beats.

The vocals from Kelli-Leigh and the acclaimed session singer Victoria Beaumont, togther with those from Mitch, are incredible. Foxy and smooth.

The tune lingers long afterwards, like a chocolate stain on a favourite shirt.

The slap happy bass is full of charm and vigour, and the punch drunk drums keep the bubbling guitars on track.

Funkadexterous and elegantly experimental Surf Soul — this is saturated with luxury. Like a psychedelic version of the Bee Gees!

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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