Don’t Stop — The Vivifying Nineteen-year-old Singer-Songwriter DANIEL CORREA

Born and raised in South Florida, his parents knew that their son was unique when, while dining out on family vacation,  he jumped onto the stage to play a fine interpretation of Lenny Kravitz style “American Woman”. He was four years old at the time!

Now nineteen years of age, the songwriter DANIEL CORREA is at the University of Miami, Frost School of Music and working on his debut album, soon to be released.

His songs mix rock and pop notions and, lyrically, his words speak for every generation.

chipper than a dog off a lead...
chipper than a dog off a lead…

Don’t Stop” is Daniel’s first ever released single.

We had a listen —

This is neat, clean-choppy and positive.

With that reggae beat, it kinda reminds us of a Police number. Of course, the message here is optimistic and positive.

The guitars are chipper than a dog off a lead and the vocals are light as summer rain-spots chattering down on your sun-hat.

High quality and dynamic alt-rock/pop from a vivifying new star in the making…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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