NALANI & SARINA — Scattered World

The New Jersey rock ‘n’ soul twin-sister act, Nalani & Sarina have announced the release of their brand new EP Scattered World.

These talented twins play several instruments (piano, guitar and ukulele etc) and put on a thoroughly entertaining live show.

Scattered World - Nalani & Sarina
Scattered World – Nalani & Sarina

We had a listen to their new EP Scattered World:

Recording begins with the new single titled ‘We’ll Be Free’.

This struts like a fantasy-funk peacock down the broadway.

Pushing out a highly plumped & magnificently feathered breast…

The vocals have a scrap of sexy spirit to them. And the shaking rhythms are kick-ass groovy.

Up next is ‘Scattered Girl.’ This has thick, tart slices of guitar  (Oscar Rodriguez from NYC band A Great Big World.)

And also vibrating buttons of synth (Tommy Mande, the keyboardist for Bryan Adams).

The bass is swampy and inflatable (Will Lee) and the drums are robust ( Jim Hines .)

The lyrics on this track are galvanizing if not a little angry.

If you’re like us, you’ll discover “The Real Slim Shady” in the tune.

Runaway’ is sympathetic and offers softer shades.

The lyrics are deep and sincere. The arrangement makes the most of vocals that are unruffled but deliciously unabashed. This is enjoyable and thought provoking.

Runaway - Single - Nalani & Sarina
Runaway – Single – Nalani & Sarina

Get Away’ has brilliant worldplay and rhythmic vocalization.

This has to be the brightest song of the bunch — and is probably the next single.

Punky in ambition, the chants from these girls demand that you pay attention.

Whilst the whole deal seems to be something that Orzabal and Stanley might offer (mid 1980’s) i.e. filled with extroversion and heavy on the percussion.

Spirit filled, mood-enriching contemporary soul. Full of hyperventilatin’ energy, well-paced rhythm and sweet, sweet melody.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



  1. Neil Mach ©

    Stewie, We are very grateful for that info. We could have sworn it was Joe on the drums but we stand corrected!! We have ammended the piece under your advisement! Many thanks!

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