Romance Rock from LADY LOW — Here’s the Video for Hello Sweet Goodbye

Lady Low is a rock quintet from Los Angeles, CA — comprising of Jimmy Sweet (vocals, guitar), Rachel Maxann (vocals, synth), Eden Lee (vocals, drums), Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin) and Mia Maria Siler (viola.)

Lady Low is not the first musical expedition for these rock ‘n’ roll trailblazers.

Hello Sweet Goodbye - Single - Lady Low
Hello Sweet Goodbye – Single – Lady Low

The multi-instrumentalist cast includes Jimmy Sweet, who has been rocking for years.

He started out with legendary San Francisco band The Richmond Sluts. He still performs with the Goodtime Boys, a 1970’s cover band, and also with members of Hot Hot Heat, Fleet Foxes, The Heavy, and Beachwood Sparks.  The founding member of Lady Low, Jimmy also writes most of the band’s ballads, drawing from past romances and future hopes.

Rachel has toured and played since childhood. Eden studied vocal performance at Ohio University. And she performed and recorded with a nine-piece funk group — The First Street Heat.  Kaitlin (who also arranges the pieces) has worked with indie legends The Bats.  And Mia earnt her degree in classical violin at the Humboldt State University, before working with singer-songwriter Rozzi Crane.

This week they release the video for their new song, Hello Sweet Goodbye [which we had reviewed earlier in these pages.]

We had another listen:

This feels like a piece written by English composer David Whitaker and then turned into something gritty and cosmopolitan before being soaked in jazz-tinged blues.

The vocal harmonies are sumptuous, though they never surrender themselves entirely to the rhythmic complexity.

Halfway between a spiritual experience and a glorious ballroom waltz, this could usher in a new era of romantic chivalry.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

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