Indie Rock from New York — MARLOWE GREY Will Remind You of Radiohead or Oasis

Marlowe Grey — the five-piece rock band from Brooklyn, NY — blend darkly romantic memories with vibrantly fresh living rock.

Their forthcoming EP — Midnight in Brooklyn — will be released soon.

Meanwhile, we checked out the amazing new track Sugar Plum Fairy:

Marlowe Grey - spiralling notes droop and melt...
Marlowe Grey – spiralling notes droop and melt…

This downtempo masterpiece cleverly references Lennon/ McCartney in a way that goes on to recognize John as the chosen singer-songwriter.

(The song title is inspired by Lennon, who habitually opened up his new takes with the words “Sugar Plum Fairy.”)

The downwards spiralling notes droop and melt like the last leaves on an autumnal tree.

The general feeling of the piece is cloudy & wet without being discouraging.

If John had gone on — would he have changed the world? That’s the question that will be left open… in your heart… Once you have heard this song…

Anthony John Pietro’s vocals are unadorned  — just the right side of forlorn. Guitars are smoky and even a little muddy.

This will remind many Brit listeners of Oasis (especially the chorus… It nibbles at your ears!)

Johnny, taught me …” Yes. Indeed.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


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