For Fans of The Bangles — Here’s a Crazy Band Worth Getting All Thrilled Up About — THE DEAD DEADS

This five vocallette X-party girl-punk outfit from Nashville, Tennessee (known as The Dead Deads) are the female equivalent of The Melvins, the Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana … All rolled into one.

They play lightning-quick riff-oriented punk with traces of early blues and healthy slabs of hard rock.

Their live performances are a vortex of teasing fun and exhilarating thrill.

The ladies will be playing the ShipRocked Cruise in January 2016 with Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm (they’ve already opened for them on tour in 2014 ) plus many more.

The Dead Deads - A vortex of teasing fun & exhilarating thrill...
The Dead Deads – A vortex of teasing fun & exhilarating thrill…

Meanwhile, we have been listening to their “Lemonade”—

This fuzzes, fumes and fizzes like a raging bull with a time-bomb tacked to his tail.

Meta’s vocals are dainty-pretty — and the drums storm and surge.

The bass is filled with bouncing textures & twanging gusto and there are tastes of glittering synth in amongst the seams.

But, best of all, everyone contributes vocally —  so this is a celebration of dense harmonies and wonderful melody.

It really tears at your jibblies before pulling you in.

Does the song provoke rebellion? Well, that’s another story. The Dead Dead’s like to party. That’s for sure. And who are we to insist that they fit someone else’s expectations? They do punk their own way, that’s all.  (And, after all, what’s more anarchic than that?)

The video is absolutely mystifying… You’ll have to watch it over-and-over again to get some kind of substance. But, even then, we don’t think you’ll get it. (But maybe it’s just us being thick!)

This is all-shook-up melodic, garage punk. These fun ‘n’ wicked gals are Pretty + Heavy…

See them play live on the Ultimate Rock Music Cruise Vacation ShipRocked Cruise next January; Or this October on The Loudest Boat in the World — Motörhead’s ‘MotörBoat’ with Slayer, Anthrax, Hatebreed and, of course, Motörhead.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


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