The New Single by MOSES SUMNEY is a Transformative Experience

MOSES SUMNEY has emerged during the year as an artist to watch —  riding a wave of praise, based on his serious yet calming recordings and vital live shows.

Now the San Bernardino, California musician has revealed a new single, “Seeds.”

Seeds - Single - Moses Sumney Photo by Brandon Hicks
Seeds – Single by  Moses Sumney Photo by Brandon Hicks

We had a listen:

Of rare beauty, this experimental art-folk melts away in your heart to reveal inventive lyrics and the kind of  graceful voice that would make you cry if you were sitting in a church pew.

The finely plucked guitar makes you hold your breath at times.

Then another sound transition filters through the speakers to calm your sweet forehead.

And, all the while, that remarkable voice fills your innermost being with fragrant tranquillity.

Although this is is at the very forefront of virtuosity — it is never self-aggrandising or impetuous.

Your body will feel sanctified after these expressive sounds.

Listening to this is a transformative experience.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Main Image: Eric Gyamfi


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