The New Single from the Cream of Devon TOKEN JOKER — Dyed Black yet Brilliantly Intense

Formed in early 2014 — Token Joker are a British alt-rock and indie trio from the South-West of England. They are the Cream of Devon.

They bloom in live performances — delivering their brazen rock numbers with an air of self-assertive tenacity.

Their songs often include energetic and lively moments — memorable riffs and clever hooks, making them a band that is not to be missed …

Their new single titled ‘Green’ taken from their from their current EP “Just Part of The System” is out next week.

Token Joker - Hazy shapes and twisted, fierce rhythms...
Token Joker – Hazy shapes and twisted, fierce rhythms…

We had a listen:

This number is full of hazy guitar shapes and twisted, fierce rhythms.

Matt Coleman’s vocals are gnarlodious, raspy and deep.

And the number is dyed black yet brilliantly intense.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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