‘Cornhusker Strong’ by Country Rock Singer HEIDI MERRILL — For Fans of Shania Twain or Martina McBride

New York pop and country singer/songwriter Heidi Merrill (from Nebraska) has released her country-fusion single “Cornhusker Strong” which is a heartfelt hymn that celebrates her State of Origin and also her unwavering love for her football team [the Cornhuskers.]

Cornhusker Strong - Heidi Merrill
Cornhusker Strong – Heidi Merrill

We had a listen:

Merrill’s song [which she co-wrote with Jeff Cohen (Sugarland, The Band Perry) and Tamara Stewart] has some supremely confident guitar-work and — naturally — lots of shout-out moments and an uplifting ‘n’ generous chorus.

The rhythm slugs and shuffles and the warming vocal is gold-sun jaunty and shamelessly optimistic.

For fans of Shania Twain or Martina McBride

So go grab some Big Red!!

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/HeidiMerrillMusic/




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