Album Review — SIMO — Let Love Show The Way — for Fans of CREAM

We were recently lucky enough to see the quality vintage blues three-piece SIMO in concert (comprising of virtuoso guitarist JD Simo, bassist Frank Swart, and drummer Adam Abrashoff.)

Simo - clanging and mouldering...
Simo – clanging and mouldering…

Their realistically authentic riffs reminded us of the early days of Derek and the Dominos… with gritted, soulful vocals —  plus jazzy and bold guitar-work that consistently  shone — and with nimble drummery (with expert bass)  that added shade and depth to psychedelic compositions that were often extraordinarily energetic.

Joe Bonamassa is already a big fan of SIMO and is massively behind them while putting them on the radar, and saying that “JD Simo [guitar] is one of the best out there…”

We have been listening to the new album Let Love Show The Way due out at the end of January —

Let Love Show The Way Expected 29th Jan 2016
Let Love Show The Way
Expected 29th Jan 2016

The album starts with Stranger Blues that has a peculiar judder and struts without compromise…

It’s an echo into the golden rock ‘n’ roll era of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley… the woogie and the frenzy … it’s all here.

And that frost-acid guitar will pierce your heart-strings.

Two Timin’ Woman has a sludgy riffs that will funk the gelatin-strings in your gut.

This gives gave us the wobbles and the smiles. It is an addictive head-rush of dark blistering bluesiness.

Can’t Say Her Name has a heavy stomp that reminded us of Steppenwolf but with the added bonus of thick slices of Clapton / Beck guitar heaviness.

I’ll Always Be Around is smoky and intelligent. With hidden twang and mysterious wooziness. The way it accumulates, clanging and mouldering, is really exciting.

If you hanker for the 1960s hard psychedelic rock world of — Led Zeppelin, The Jeff Beck Group and, of course, CREAM — then your dreams have all come true!

Grab yourself this album and you will not be disappointed.

Words & Photos: @neilmach 2016 ©

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