Quality Vintage Blues from Nashville’s Three Piece SIMO — Live in London

Nashville’s quality vintage blues three-piece SIMO (comprising of virtuoso guitarist JD Simo, bassist Frank Swart, and drummer Adam Abrashoff) were over in the UK this week (on stage with Walter Trout) — playing some songs from their upcoming album ‘Let Love show the way’.

SIMO - fresh and realistically authentic riffs...
SIMO – fresh and realistically authentic riffs…

We managed to catch up with the band in the unpleasant narrow confines of a tiny club called St Moritz in London’s Soho (not enough room to swing half-a-cat.)

Their sounds (such as ‘Becky Last Occupation’) are heavy, strong and rattlesome.

With fresh and realistically authentic riffs that reminded us of the early days of Derek and the Dominos

And gritted, soulful vocals —  plus jazzy and bold guitar-work that shines consistently — with nimble drummery (with expert bass)  adding shade and depth to the energetic and often
psychedelic compositions.


Simo - hidden twang and mysterious wooziness...
Simo – hidden twang and mysterious wooziness…

I’ll Always Be Around’ is smoky and intelligent. With hidden twang and mysterious wooziness. The way it accumulates, clanging and mouldering, is really exciting.

Let Love Show The Way’ is the first album ever recorded at Macon, Georgia’s “Big House” — the communal home of the Allman Brothers Band during their late ‘60s and early ‘70s heyday—Let Love Show the Way finds SIMO not only enjoying the unique mojo-history of the sacred space, but also bringing us some cool and inspired sounds.

Words & Images: @neilmach 2015 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/simotheband/


Simo - clanging and mouldering...
Simo – clanging and mouldering…


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