SIMO — Rise & Shine

Ahead of their upcoming new album Rise & Shine, the Nashville psychedelic soul trio SIMO have released another brand new track, this time titled “Shine.”

Rise & Shine introduces the band’s resilient, dilated sounds which fuzz the lines betwixt genre and ancestry…

Dilated sounds fuzz the lines betwixt genre and ancestry…

We thought SIMO‘s previous release, Let Love Show the Way was “accumulating, clanging and mouldering… with hidden twang and mysterious wooziness about it.

Rise & Shine doesn’t snub those roots — but rather the band uses those sounds to motivate thrust towards something new.

Seeking to look into unmapped musical orbits, the blues three-piece (virtuoso guitarist JD Simo, bassist Elad Shapiro, and drummer Adam Abrashoff) discover sulky-cured soul ballads such as “I Want Love” and psychedelic instrumentals such as “The Climb” — as well as toughing-out some catchy blues numbers (“Light the Candle”) and ebullient funk rockers (“Meditation”.)

Fastening all this together is the interpersonal chemistry of the three expert musicians, who last year spent more than 300 days together, mastering their art.

If you go through my record collection and look at the more contemporary titles...” JD Simo explains. “You’ll see the Roots, Wilco, Alabama Shakes, and Ryan Adams. I listen to a lot of old soul music, too. Isaac Hayes, Funkadelic, Bob Dylan. On Rise & Shine I was just trying to cull from the vastness that is my normal music diet, and not trying to pander to some target that was easy to hit...”

Rise & Shine is out September 15th via Provogue/Mascot Label Group

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