London Garage-Punk VIRGIN KIDS New Single — My Alone

Following up their self-titled EP the new London-based garage-punk three-piece Virgin Kids are gearing up to release a debut LP titled Greasewheel out on Burger Records/Fluffer Records this March, 2016.

Virgin Kids play frenetically energised rock ‘n’ roll that draws from sources such as post-punk and the 1970s West Coast.

Originally starting as the bedroom project from front-man Asher Preston Virgin Kids were fully formed in late 2014 with the addition of childhood friend Paul Rosser and ex-Fawn Spots drummer Sean Hughes.

Virgin Kids - idiotically chirruping and whimsically dreamy...
Virgin Kids – idiotically chirruping and whimsically dreamy…

We’ve been listening to My Alone:

This has zany saucepan lids of shiny sound that resonate in shimmering fashion around starburst vocals.

Slightly dreamy, the rhythms are ashy-dark and provide the bony edges to the otherwise hub-cap bright halos of sound.

This is is certainly idiotically chirruping and whimsically dreamy … but never loses its sexy-hot punch.

Wacky-dabbing zapadee punk-party sounds…


Words: @neilmach 2016 ©






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