Everybody’s Dying To Meet London Trio FLOWERS — Their Fresh Album Reviewed Here

There’s something great about a three-piece – think Cocteau Twins or Galaxie 500 – the way in which the irreducible core takes its strength from its limits, making a virtue of its purity.

So it is with London trio FLOWERS – who are returning in February 2016 with their second album Everybody’s Dying To Meet You via Fortuna Pop.

The FLOWERS sound is a concentrated effort: Rachel Kenedy’s ethereal vocals, Sam Ayres textured guitars and the powerful, metronomic beat from drummer Jordan Hockley.

FLOWERS - bright colors and amazing crumpled textures ...
FLOWERS – bright colors and amazing crumpled textures …

We had an early listen to Everybody’s Dying To Meet You

The album begins with ‘Pull My Arm‘ and here spikes of the shrillest guitar pierce a flurry of misbehaving rhythms…

But nothing can prepare you for the acid-lemon vocals that shine like silver crescents in a smoke-filled sky. This is an incredible achievement.

On ‘Bitter Pill‘ the voice is cloudy dark, smoky and proud. The guitars fizz with elastic enthusiasm and the drum-beat reminds us of surf-hum…

A little discordant perhaps, the guitar reigns supreme… It’s as if Mary Weiss (The Shangri-Las) met Dick Dale down at the beach… and they started trippin’ together.

On ‘Ego Loss‘ we get those spears of ice-cold voice again. This has a strong beat with agreeable and nicely blurred, fuzzy swathes of guitar and the kind of sweet ‘n’ clever chorus that bites into your brain to destroy any susceptibility.

Tammy‘ is filled with bright colors and amazing crumpled textures, and the album ends with the folk-hymnBathroom Sink‘ which is like a fortress made from glacial ice sheets… Pure, dangerously angular and sharp enough to hurt.

This is a spectacular album. A dream. Wonderful.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/flowersdomusic/
Pre Order the FLOWERS Album Here: http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/100149
See them at: Rough Trade EAST on February 12TH  7:00pm



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