You and Me — New Video by TENNYSON KING

With his roots in the land of Mississauga, the Toronto rock and roll artist TENNYSON KING creates intriguing masterpieces that have stratified, lush landscapes and 1970s psychedelic rock sensibility, all shining with modernity.

He is now announcing a new video ( directed by Toronto’s Lubormir Arsov — The Peanuts Movie, Ice Age 5 ) for his track titled You and Me.

Tennyson King rect
Tennyson King – mutters softly with a wistful longing…

We had a listen:

This number is smooth and quiet and mutters softly with a wistful longing.

A certain amount of emotional turmoil is hinted at — the agitation is barely palpable — but above all, there is a sense of inner calm.

Streamlets of wonderful vibrations fill the palette, while petite movements establish the rhythms.

The tones & shadows,  the light and shade… are glimpsed through a forest of sound…

Meanwhile, a delicate voice curls up and nestles in the woodpile.

This is dew eyed, trusting and innocent.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Main Photo: Robin Cymbaly



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