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CROWN LANDS White Buffalo

Juno Award-winning, Canadian turbocharged hard-drivers CROWN LANDS – Cody Bowles (vocals & drums) and Kevin Comeau (guitar, bass, and keys) – have shared two new tracks, “White Buffalo” and “The Oracle” via Spinefarm/Universal Music Canada

Both tracks were recorded with three-time Grammy winner, Toronto producer David Bottrill (Tool, Mastodon, Rush, Peter Gabriel).

Cody Bowles, of the rock duo (from Oshawa, Ontario)  is of Mi’kmaq heritage and identifies as two-spirit. The duo often write from an activist perspective. For example, their earlier single,  “End of the Road” was a protest on the theme of missing and murdered indigenous women. 

Crown Lands photo credit Lane Dorsey
photo credit Lane Dorsey

White Buffalo” represents the embodiment of toughness and tenacious ambition, written in admiration for the steadfast irrepressible spirit of indigenous communities to overcome injustice and actualize for themselves a bountiful future. Colossal guitars, a stomping bass-line, and hard-hitting drums press ever-forward, driven by the momentum of the overall sound, to serve as a means of expressing the bellwether buffalo that leads the herd to better pastures.

The sacred white buffalo is spiritually significant in several Native American religions; it is believed that if you follow the way of the white buffalo you walk a consecrated path on earth.

Crown Lands White Buffalo
Artwork: Quinn Henderson

The song has a very rhythmic guitar, headbanging groove, soaring vocals, and phenomenal drums. There is a perfect melodic pause midway (it’s a long number, but not overwhelming): highly commendable.

White Buffalo is the third installment in our trilogy of songs about Indigenous rights,” say Crown Lands. 

Mountain” is what happened. “End of the Road” is what is happening. White Buffalo is manifesting what will happen: overcoming oppression and rising up to reclaim one’s land. The White Buffalo is a symbol of manifestation.

When Colonizers came to North America they tried to wipe out the Buffalo to starve Indigenous people to death. The buffalo are still here. We are too, and together we’ll overcome. Also, never has 7/8 ever been more danceable.

Both White Buffalo and The Oracle are available here:


File alongside: Greta Van Fleet, Rush

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