Butt Wiggling Ecstasy from PURSON — Desire’s Magic Theatre Album Review Here

We have been looking forwards to hearing the new album from (UK) band PURSON.

Titled Desire’s Magic Theatre — it is a striking kaleidoscope of hypnotic gypsy electrics, ultra-coolness and braided sexiness…

Opening with the waterlogged boogie-woogie of the title track, then switching electrifyingly to the butt wiggling ecstasy of “Electric Landlady” — this new album is like a sluttish and coquettish hooker flaunting herself in a foxy house downtown.

Yup! There are some awesome and sexy jive moments

Purson - butt wiggling ecstasy ...
Purson – butt wiggling ecstasy …

And precisely when you thought that this wasn’t a prog-rock record “The Window Cleaner” bulges out of the sack with neat birdcalls and some flamenco guitar.

And on this track, the butterfly kisses of organ and the astro-lust in that voice reminds us, so much, of Sonja Kristina.

And the smog of blues-based sounds embellishes the discolored air as much as the fallout from a cigg party in a busy smoking-shelter.

Desire's Magic Theatre - Purson
Desire’s Magic Theatre – Purson

The album ends with the barbed drama of “The Bitter Suite” and some congregated and quirky cabaret tantrums.

This is more fun than being taken by the hand into the psychedelicatessen … And being allowed to choose whichever fizzing pleasure tablets you might need…

Check this, now…  and stock up on your legal highs and boogieland kicks

Desire’s Magic Theatre by Purson is released April 29, 2016

Words & Images: @neilmach 2016 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pursontheband


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