Mass Vendetta by THE SENTON BOMBS — Album Review

THE SENTON BOMBS from Blackpool UK now have over a decade of experience …

We remember seeing their performance showcase back on the 2014 “Highway to Hell” and we recall that their blend of sneezy punk and hard-grilled rock was bold and heady.

Now comes “Mass Vendetta” their fourth studio album. It is one of the most anticipated albums on the UK underground rock scene.

The bombs are hoping to capitalize on the success of their 2013 album “Chapter Zero” and an E.P. issued in 2014 titled “Phantom High.”

Senton Bombs - delicious and surly riffs ...
Senton Bombs – delicious and surly riffs …

The new album starts with “Trailblazer”which is excitingly stormy.

There are guitar flurries, gusts of meaningful voice and sparkling waterfalls of drummery.

The bass notes are vibrant and the arrangement will keep your interest right up until the ground-shaking conclusion.

There are more delicious and surly riffs on the next track  “Mainstream” — the vocal is parched beyond what seems feasible and the oily skin of this number will almost certainly tar and blacken your easily corruptible senses.

The title track “Mass Vendetta” is a short stabbing burst of frenetic energy with panting, punktastic attitude.

The final track “Apex” is one of our favorites. Awesomely dark ruby red and semi-sticky… This magnificently gloopy song will stick to your nerve endings like gluey ooze … untill the mocking voice filters right up through your glands.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
To be released 15th April PRE-ORDER NOW:



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