THE GRAND MAL — Live at Camden Underworld

In the space of a few months — playing only two live shows — Oxford’s heavy rock amalgamation THE GRAND MAL have managed to release an accomplished EP “No Mans Land” plus they’ve got themselves on the bill with Nashville Pussy in London… and they have even gained a super-groupie already!

The gelling together of elements from two of Oxford’s most monumental bands DESERT STORM and MÖTHER CÖRONA occurred just last year.

The resulting four-piece — including big Dave O on bass and lead vocals, Ryan Cole on guitar, Lee Cressey on lead guitar and backing vox and Elliot Cole on drums — play some sexy stoner grooves, dark-thumping rock and swinging cosmic sludge.

Grand Mal - blackened chords seeped in embrocating fats ...
Grand Mal – blackened chords seeped in embrocating fats …

We saw the band’s performance at Camden’s famous Underworld venue —

We loved their quaggy multi-layered sounds and the instantly appealing thump and thug of their stifling beats.

Our favourite was “The Black Spiral” with its limitless groan and monster muscles that seemed to ripple after us like a grizzly on heat.

The blackened chords on this number seemed to be seeped in embrocating fats.

The voice seemed at times to be hidden beneath the huge dark layers and the lead guitar could have been sharper…

(Note: both of these were mere “technical faults” and did not affect our enjoyment of the show… possibly caused by miscommunication via the sound-desk.)

Nevertheless, the mud ‘n’ stone boys from Oxford were sensational. And they won over many new fans.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©


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