New Album “Heart Bleed Goodbye” by TYPHOID ROSIE is Reviewed Here

New York’s TYPHOID ROSIE featuring the comedian turned singer-songwriter Rosie Rebel on lead vocals, create some gritty Indie Pop-Rock.

They have now released their “Hearts Bleed Goodbye” LP whose title track contains poignancy and well as resilience…

Typhoid Rosy - a spiffy trip with a clear rhythm and a dapper voice...
Typhoid Rosy – a spiffy trip with a clear rhythm and a dapper voice…

We had a listen:

The title lead-track has a low cocky rib of bass [Dean Wartell ] and also few tinkles on the keyboard.  Rosie’s voice steps with grace, swish and swirl. And the piece builds into a cold & bright slurpee.

Yet the piece also contains the remnants of broken-hearted desolation and, it seems, the tears can only be cured & dried by freedom in sharing…

Next track “On The Day” is a spiffy trip with a clear rhythm and dapper voice. The guitars gurgle and the whole piece shines.

Better To Know Now” is darker and somewhat heavier. With a hollow-center that trampolines out the rhythms. And a carousel of guitars that also feel spongy.

Baby I Want You” has a back-beat that’s kinda 1960s poppy but with a sparkling 1990s BritPop touch.

For Blondie fans, here is undaunted girl-power rock with clean and bright melodies and vocals that dribble out  entertainingly yet still make you think…

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©


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