Rock from Toronto — Andromeda by HEAVY STATIC is Reviewed Here

Toronto’s alt-rock trio HEAVY STATIC are like a group of reformed punk saboteurs with an eye on the salient and the essential when it comes to crafting pop-perfect tunes.

Front-man Christian Patrick (lead vocals and guitar) was sick of “Indie rock” bands writing songs lacking style and soul. He wrote ten songs in ten days before calling on James Young (drums & backing vocals) and Dave Vasey (bass & backing vocals) to bring those songs to life.

The band’s sound is derived from ‘icons of the’ 70s, including The Cure, Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie and The Clash, more Swedish pop, ’80s horror movies (especially 1981 Canadian slasher, My Bloody Valentine) and modern day rockers like The Darkness and The Hives.

Heavy Static - Stormy, bristled and enjoyable...
Heavy Static – Stormy, bristled and enjoyable…

We had a listen to Andromeda — their new track from the forthcoming EP, Here Comes the Fear — out soon:

The rhythms are rattle-some and the fulsome riffs are properly majestic.

The vocal is slightly snotty without being arrogant. This seethes as it punches… well above its weight.

Stormy, bristled and enjoyable.

For Green Day Trendies who hide their pop-tart addictions…

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©



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