Fresh Project for MICKY MOODY — MAAS and MOODY

We met up with the English guitarist MICKY MOODY in the comfortable surroundings of the O2 Academy, Sheffield during the 2016 HRH BLUES Weekend.

Moody had arrived at the venue with the singer Ali Maas.

Ali Maas has been seen performing with Moody, Papa George and with Alan Glen, John O'leary and the Allstar Blues Revue...
Ali Maas has been performing with Moody, Papa George and with Alan Glen, John O’leary and the Allstar Blues Revue…

Ali Maas began singing as a teenager in Horsham, Sussex.

As a young adult she gigged with indie-band “Playing at Trains” and at this stage began to develop skills as a songwriter. She formed the rock band McQueen with Levitation producer Mike Dignam and she met up with the Russian rockers Mumiytroll appearing on their albums as a backing vocalist.

We had already seen this talented blues singer performing with Papa George as well as with Alan Glen, John O’leary and the Allstar Blues Revue.

Micky Moody is most famous for his work with rock bands Juicy Lucy and Whitesnake. More recently he has been working with the Chris Ousey/ Laurie Wisefield project SNAKECHARMER.

We sat down with both musicians to discuss their plans:

Tell us about your new project

“It’s called MAAS and MOODY and it features ALI MAAS on vocals and myself (MOODY)  on guitars, as usual… And there’s gonna be a brand new album — all original material — which has already been mastered (last week) — we haven’t got a release date as yet but it will probably be out the end of July,  with a bit of luck. It will be released on Armadillo Music. That’s what we’ve been doing…”

“We're looking forward to doing a tour ”
“We’re looking forward to doing a tour ”

How many shows have you done together?

“Just done a couple of local ones, really. The BULL’S HEAD in London. It’s been building up and we have been incorporating the songs gradually. It’s been more writing, really. Though here at the HRH BLUES festival we are performing a MICKY MOODY show— though we will be doing some of our new stuff from the album.”

We have heard rumours that your son is involved with new project?

“Yes, my son’s on drums. My elder son, yeah. With Roy Parsons on bass [also with Tim Hain Band] Stuart Dixon on guitar. Stuart hasn’t worked with us before. But we’ve had a couple of gigs, as I told you. I haven’t been on the road, really, since I did the Snakecharmer gigs, back in November…  so we’re looking forwards to doing a tour — probably more towards the end of the year — once the album is out. ”

So did ALI help with the writing process?

“ Yes, we co-wrote everything. And it’s not like Snakecharmer! I think we have gone back to the kind of stuff I used to do in the 1970s. A lot of slide stuff. Down-home. Swampy. Bluesy. Rocky.”

ALI MAAS: “ Yes, we feel definitely swampy! And it’s quite an eclectic sound that we are developing. And there’s a rock element to it. I have got rock blood. And Micky has got all sorts of blood — God knows what kind of blood is in there — but there’s all sorts..”

“ We have already started writing the next album! ”
“ We have already started writing the next album! ”

How do you keep the energy and the vitality up?

Moody: “Well, we don’t intend to be living on the road all the time. And this project won’t interfere with my other gigs… I really love playing with Papa George, for example. We’ll obviously be doing live shows but I have done a lot in my time. I like work. That’s true, but I don’t want to spend my life on the road. ”

“We have already started writing the next album! And the first one isn’t even out yet! We can’t stop. We love the creative process. And I think I just have a natural energy inside. And of course its the excitement. I think basically, its just that we both do what we wanna do! Without being too indulgent, you know what I mean, it’s still lively stuff (it won’t bore anyone) but we’re not gonna do the obvious stuff. ”

My final Hoorah! With the rock stuff and the Whitesnake associated stuff was with Snakecharmer. Yeah, that didn’t really work out for me. For whatever reasons. So this new project is really what I wanna do. It’s the stuff I was actually doing before I joined Whitesnake. In 1978 I helped form Whitesnake but I had been a pro for 10 years before that. Playing all kinds of stuff. And that’s what I like to do. And you’ve seen me with George, the kind of roots we have, we just wanna keep it soulful and happy. And cool too…”

“Don’t get me wrong, Whitesnake material is great stuff. But I don’t want to do it any more. I just did it with Snakecharmer… It’s great stuff but I’d rather leave it to other people to do. I can’t go any further with it. I want to do something different now. ”

“I really enjoy working with the people in this new band. We’re all friends and there’s no shit going on, you know what I mean? It’s good vibes with this band. ”

“ It's classic rock 'n' roll. Stylish. Timeless ...”
“ It’s classic rock ‘n’ roll. Stylish. Timeless …”

What is the title of the new album ?

“The title is Black and Chrome


“It sounds good! ”

ALI MAAS: “ There’s a lyric on the album… One of the songs is about a trip up the Mississippi on the back of a Harley and motorbikes and that do figure in the subject matter of the album… ”

“Also Black and Chrome are the optimum colours for a classic looking finish. The colours go well together. It’s classic rock ‘n’ roll. Stylish. Timeless. And that’s what we are gonna try and emulate. It may been sleek and sharply clean, but occasionally there might be a bit of mud up the side… ”

Well, good luck with your new project and the release of the album. We cannot wait to hear it!

Micky Moody (with Ali Maas) was talking to @neilmach © at HRH BLUES 2016

All Images: @neilmach 2016 ©

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