Organizers Plea for Help to Save Scotland’s WILDFIRE FESTIVAL


June days crawl ever closer and Scotland’s WILDFIRE FESTIVAL grows an ever more impressive line-up of first-class rock and metal acts.

The fest is yet to but finalized — there’s been so many exciting announcements of many amazing bands along the way, yet, here’s the thing: The festival organizer and event promoter Dave Ritchie of Surgery Music Management is warning that the annual 3 day 3-stage event might NOT GO AHEAD unless he can access some funds.

With costs multiplying almost 10 fold, with marquees, toilets, showers, pa systems, lighting and security costs going up each year, yet with a moderate annual increases in ticket sales, Ritchie had been hoping to reach break even point earlier, or that his own funds would hold out, but that has not been the case.

He urges everyone to buy their Wildfire Tickets now, because if they do not, then there will be no event.

Ritchie has also launched a bid to get 10,000 “rockers” to give just £1 today so that this fantastic event can be guaranteed a bright future.

To Donate

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Scotland's Rock and Metal Festival. 24-26 June 2016
Scotland’s Rock and Metal Festival. 24-26 June 2016

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