New Single from THE VAN T’S — Blood Orange Reviewed Here

Having begun writing songs at just seventeen years old, twin sisters Hannah Van Thompson [on guitar & vocals] plus Chloe Van Thompson [also guitar & vocals] decided to start The Van T’s. Initially they played shows around Scotland as a duo, then the twins recruited Joanne Forbes on bass and Shaun Hood for drums, in an attempt to add more layers to an already impressive sound.

Now they present a new single Blood Orange set to be released on 10 June and taken from the EP A Coming of Age due for release on 1st July 2016 via Bloc+Music.

The Van T's - bright and beatific ...
The Van T’s – bright and beatific …

We had a listen:

This s a frowning, raging headache of a bluster-song.

With pounding drums, dissonant guitars and and cheerful bright spots of voice in every corner and down every rusty wrong-turn, this is an amazing number.

The bass gurgles like an overworked sewer drain and the guitars grind and flagellate like a mechanized iron-mill.

But, amidst all this angry turmoil, is something bright and beatific.

This lies somewhere between the psychedelic, impressionistic crudeness of Manic Depression [Hendrix] and the dreamy fragility of John Phillips [The Mamas & the Papas.]

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©


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