Supreme Disco Synth from ICONIQUE — Sitting Pretty

Our 2016 love affair with all things nineteen-eighties would not be complete without a slice of slick synth-pop.

So — drum roll on your DMX please — introducing the New Romantic ICONIQUE from Los Angeles, California … Three dance floor smoothies [the sequin tuxedoed brothers Eric Promani and Greg Promani with frontman Leo Paparella.]

Step Into the Mood (Rob Hayes Remix) - Single - Iconique
Step Into the Mood (Rob Hayes Remix) – Single – Iconique

Prepare for more shimmer than a Nile Rodgers dressing-up contest at a Kajagoogoo party.

Their “Sitting Pretty” has a loin-full of meaty bass and trilling synths that offer darkened edges.

The falsetto vocals are more nimble than a ballet dancer on psychostimulants. And the Ensoniq synth-play is incredibly expressive and impressively exuberant.

Yep!! This is stuffed with erotic and procreative dynamism. For The Human League and their Pet Shop Boys.

Now all you have to do is get yourself down to a Batcave and dance.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©






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