Canadian Prog Poppers THE ZOLAS Release a Swooner

Vancouver, BC prog-pop quartet THE ZOLAS create vivacious, observational pop sensations, whirling modern production values into their many 1990s influences like an impressionist artist might prepare his colour-swirled pallet.

The Zolas ... Fibrous, felicitous and fancy ...
The Zolas … Fibrous, felicitous and fancy …

The Canadians latest single “Swooner” opens with a brawny riff, but is soon transported skillfully into late 1980s pop bliss. For fans of the Mystery Jets or Yukon Blonde.

We tried to watch the much vaunted 360 degree live video. But it didn’t work for us. So we gave up on it.

Nevertheless, we found the number on Soundcloud (shared below) —

A bumping beat noses into the bag of noises like a weasel looking for a treat.

The BLUR-like buzz digs deep into the sinews as the slightly disdainful voice sneers and struts its stuff.

This is a sexy boogie-down piece. Fibrous, felicitous and fancy …

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©






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