HINKS Set to Release Icarus

Edinburgh, Scotland  singer-songwriter Jack Hinks has put together a band of six awesome talents to subtly blend genres in an ambitious project, hoping to create an eclectic style of alternative blues-rock… combining violins, piano and interesting percussive elements.

Now Jack has completed the recording the debut EP (‘Icarus‘) and the record is set to be released on June 25th.

We had a listen:

HINKS - redolent jangles of guitar and a lament filled violin...
HINKS – redolent jangles of guitar and a lament filled violin…

No one” has redolent jangles of guitar and a lament filled violin. The bass is mysterious and cloggy. The voice is strangely passionless, perhaps because it wilfully disconnects from pity and concern . This song builds up neatly and efficiently.

The harmonies are magnificent and the orchestration is sublime. But is this the blues? (or something else entirely?) Well, maybe the question is resolved when the electric guitar finally filters in. Yep! It is an immensely satisfying and exquistely moving blues song.

The lead track “*Icarus” has a mesh of sweet and tender guitar and slightly somnolent vocals.

A piano accompaniment adds sophistication and takes this from folk-rock origins into a slightly muzzier blues-rock direction. This reminds us of Desire era Bob Dylan.

Superbly created Blues-Classical masterpieces for a modern age.


Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Photos: Perry Jonsson Art
Link: https://www.facebook.com/jackhinksmusic


* Watch how this song started out, below






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