Straight Jacket and TLK from Hard Rockers TYRANNOSAURUS NEBULOUS

UK-based  black country rockers TYRANNOSAURUS NEBULOUS have released their double A sided single “Straight Jacket” & “TLK” taken from the forthcoming E.P. “Deal With My Evil” — out July 15th.

The lads were brought up in 70’s hard rock households, nurtured on the likes of Thin Lizzy and Budgie … Now they are ready to take their English hi-intensity rock to the wider public.

TYRANNOSAURUS NEBULOUS - excizzorating excitement ...
TYRANNOSAURUS NEBULOUS – excizzorating excitement …

Where “TLK” stalks the earth like a grudge-harbouring bipedal carnivore with a huge skull imbalance, growling fiercely like a crocodilian who has just lost his dinner — “Straight Jacket” is neater, groovier and, well, better dressed.

A natty rhythm starts things off before the excellent riff is established. The voice is gruff and guttural, half-way between hefty tin basher and beefy roll slitter.

This produces more excizzorating excitement than a flashbang tossed haphazardly into a pole dancing class.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©






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