Rooted Clarity from Ethereal Singer-Songwriter KATIE GARIBALDI Reviewed Here

San Francisco, California based singer-songwriter KATIE GARIBALDI has released her exceptional new EP, Rooted Clarity.

Katie Garibaldi will make you catch your breath and trap your heart ...
Katie Garibaldi will make you catch your breath and trap your heart …

We had a listen —

Delightful” exudes baritone benevolence.

Although the song does not languor in the lower pitches “How could you drag me down?” she asks — it also shimmers with light…

Like a high-dancing firefly flittering in the night air.

The combination of cello sounds, mournful strings and gently gathered guitar helps to soothe and comfort the listener.

I Am ” continues the lyrical theme. This is an agreeably jaunty pace.

As you would expect, the focus is still on that slightly sexy, warm apple pie voice. It sits neatly besides the country picking. So husked and vanilla-creamy.

Bird In A Cage” is plaintive and rich. Perhaps the least bold and inventive song on this EP, it’s still a prepossessing contribution.

These wonderfully crafted songs will make you catch your breath and trap your heart.

Whatever sadness has overshadowed or soured your day will be gently pushed aside … Katie will brighten your beginnings…

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©










One Comment

  1. Luny

    What a ‘Delightful’ article! Loved the song and you painted a very descriptive vision of how the song affects the listener. Good writing- Good artist

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