GILEAH TAYLOR Reveals Songs For Late At Night Vol 2

Based in Destin, Florida [known for its beautiful beaches along the Gulf Coast ] the melancholy ambient electro-pop artist GILEAH TAYLOR is now releasing her Songs For Late At Night Vol. 2  recorded in Fort Walton Beach, FL at Printups Studio with producer Jeremy SH Griffith. The project is being crowd-funded on PledgeMusic and the first single, “Tears Of A Spirit” comes free for pledgers.

GILEAH TAYLOR - slow-stepping and distinctly twinkly mood...
GILEAH TAYLOR – slow-stepping and distinctly twinkly mood…

Tears Of A Spirit” is an elegant network of wire & thread tracery with GILEAH’S dramatic soprano voice at times, whisper-soft — only pigment powder and gums. Otherwise her vocals are not light-toned or muted at all, they are the focal symbol of power. Pausing only to gain undeniable strength and momentum.

John of the Four Track Heart” is slow-stepping and distinctly twinkly moody. This ballad gently opens its layers to reveal a passionate and caring song-crafter who sometimes finds themselves captured in the dark vortex of his [their] own inventions.

Going Home” is GILEAH TAYLOR’S very own “Take Me Home, Country Roads” [although we must point out that it is certainly not a country song, even if it is an acoustic folk song.]

A sad tone sours the race towards the upward stroke of the beat. The vocal reaches highs that are stretched way beyond the proper limits. And the sparse chorus is as briefly engaging and as optimistic as a silver dollar flicked and spun, with love, into a wishing well.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Main Image: HBB Photography






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