Wolves From Japan — MAN WITH A MISSION Are Heading to London

MAN WITH A MISSION are an exciting WOLF-HEADED rock band from Japan, where they play to sold-out crowds and arenas.

Now the Japanese Wolves are heading to LONDON … To play a live show at the O2 Academy in Islington, London.

Seven Deadly Sins (Remix) - MAN WITH A MISSION
Seven Deadly Sins (Remix) – MAN WITH A MISSION

Their impulsive and energizing sounds combine hard rock, melodic hardcore, and pop-punk.

Formed in 2010, and from the exciting Shibuya area of Japan, the five piece comprising of Tokyo Tanka (vocals), Jean-Ken Johnny (vocals and guitar), Kamikaze Boy (bass), Spear Rib (drums) and with DJ Santa Monica, are bringing their exhilarating sound and amazing stagecraft to Europe for a 2016 tour.

They are playing the O2 Academy Islington in the UK on Mon 4th July.

Are they human? or are they wolves? Both in their videos and when performing live, MWAM wear distinctive wolf head masks. Why? According to the band’s unique backstory they were created in some kind of parallel dimension by Dr Jimi (Doctor of the Guitar and genius-level biologist) to be superior creatures. The wolfish crew claims to have been frozen under glaciers in Antarctica for years before escaping the ice in 2010 and bounding onto the Japanese music scene.

Fans of anime, manga, and gaming may well recognise many of the MAN WITH A MISSION songs.

Their tracks have been used in many animated features and live adaptations.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/MWAMofficial





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