C DUNCAN Announces New Album — The Midnight Sun

Glasgow, Scotland’s Christopher Duncan aka C DUNCAN creates what we describe as “sweet mooncakes of heavenly sound that will brighten up a dank day”.

We have been big fans of his incredibly passionate vocals and superb songwriting since seeing him performing live at The Great Escape. And we thought his Mercury Prize nominated debut album Architect album was a “sonic dreamscape filled with celestial and divine sounds.”

C DUNCAN - rippled soundwaves and lushly sentimental sways ...
C DUNCAN – rippled soundwaves and lushly sentimental sways …

Now C DUNCAN announces his follow up to that success: “The Midnight Sun.”

The new recordings see this talented bedroom producer return with more experimental sounds, blending electronic elements and sweeping synths with his signature layered vocals and dreamy instrumentation.

The album’s artwork, a painting of a dimly lit staircase, is also a piece by C Duncan, who also happens to be a skilled painter

The record is set for release on October 7th via FatCat Records.

To get us in the mood, we listened to “WANTED TO WANT IT TOO” taken from the forthcoming release —

This is a swirling evocation. With rippled soundwaves and lushly sentimental sways of vocal sound. A thing of transient beauty …

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/mrchrisduncan






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