THE TUTS — Update Your Brain

We have just taken delivery of our copy of the album “Update Your Brain” from THE TUTS.

The sensational trio play cracking tunes with just a glint of glamour, a touch of doo-wop rockiness and a soupçon of crazy punk attitude.

Picture The Bangles with power pop vocals and fizzy new wave pomp to get an idea of who they are.

Keep on Tutting at windmills, girls. We love it.
Keep on Tutting at windmills, girls. We love it.

Harriet, Bev and Nadia released “Dump Your Boyfriend” some years back. It was around then that they supported Kate Nash. And it kinda shows…

The Hayes girls ain’t scared of their West London inflections. This track is like The Undertones performing a few verses of Lily Allen poetry. At light speed.

In West London there are imaginary enemies everywhere. So girls need to stand united and keep their skill-at-arms disciplines sharp. They worry about Con-Men while looking up what’s on the radio.

Let Go of the Past” reminded us of the The Shangri-Las. You know, three (originally) tough spirited girls with poodle hair, too-much make-up, who swore too much. The songs seem to revolve around the general premise of: “He’s bad – I’m good...” while simultaneously fending off advances from all-and-sundry.

So, yeah, we have Delta rhythms, ink-spotty harmonies and Tin Pan Alley layouts.

It’s all so jolly danceable. Thrilling too. If you loved the Darts but wished they were more ‘guitary‘ this is the way to go…

Keep on Tutting at windmills, girls. We love it.

For lovers of The Go-Go’s
Update Your Brain is OUT NOW
Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©

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