FREJA FRANCES — Porcelain Doll

FREJA FRANCES makes a welcome return with another muckle of exquisite, devout songs that look set to bewitch her audience upon the release of her double a-side single, Porcelain Doll with  Breathe — out on 4th November 2016.

FREJA FRANCES - wonderful strength ... Photo credit: Jamal Hadjkura
FREJA FRANCES – wonderful strength … Photo credit: Jamal Hadjkura

Porcelain Doll and Breathe feel as though they come together as one whole.

Written around the same time, Freja enrolled some superb sessions musicians to help.

These two tracks expose noteworthy development of Freja’s songwriting skills.

She gives free-and-easy rein to her impressive storytelling appeal…

Well, you never quite understood...” She gasps, in the opening line of Porcelain Doll. How breakable is she?

The vocals recall Dolores O’Riordan — rich ‘n’ baggy with lilting accent. This is superbly orchestrated too…

An impressive song with wonderful strength: It really doesn’t remind us of the fragility of Porcelain at all.

For fans of Gabrielle Aplin.





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