AMERICAN HONEY — Soundtrack Review

The newly released road-movie AMERICAN HONEY is overflowing with outstanding music — and let’s be honest, no trip is possible without a cleverly planned song list.

Universal Music has announced the soundtrack from American Honey — it’s an unforgettable blend of country, Southern hip-hop, trap and American radio classics.

American Honey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists
American Honey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Various Artists

The film features Star (Sasha Lane) who’s a free-spirited teenager on the verge of womanhood.

She flees her tempest-tossed home in the American Midwest and hits the road with a “mag crew” consisting of touring laborers who huckster publications door-to-door during the day and party hard into the night.

Stand-out tracks include offerings from Sam Hunt [the spiky and mooded “Take Your Time”] Mazzy Star [the mainstream hit “Fade Into You” which has more than a passing nod to Nobel prize winner Dylan’s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door] and Lady Antebellum [ the title song, American Honey.]

We loved The Danish indie rocker’s Raveonettes vortex-rich “Recharge & Revolt” with the sumptuous vocals and a motivating beat. This has the sort of grand-sweep that is truly cinematic.

And, obviously, we enjoyed Ciara ft. LudacrisRide” with its somnolenct atmosphere combined with shining gem-like soprano vocals from the long-legged mover.

We also enjoyed the electro-pop perfection from Los Angeles style-maker Quigley — “Beginning Of Anything.” Her’s a cute voice, for sure, but it’s the percussion on this track that will really enliven your soul.

Låpsley, 8896 seems to skip along like a kite-runner on the sand...
Låpsley, 8896 seems to skip along like a kite-runner on the sand…
You might also try the sexy and smoky number from Jeremih ft. Lil Wayne & Natasha MosleyAll The Time” or find, for the first time, the English singer Låpsley and her evocative “8896” that seems to skip along like a kite-runner on the sand.

Americana fans of a certain age might be pleased to learn that Steve Earle’sCopperhead Road” made the cut.

Here are a bunch of refreshing songs that you might certainly find on a teen’s drive-along song-list from about seven years ago. There are some obvious absentees though. If this is trap, then where the hell is Fetty Wap? Well, I suppose he didn’t get commercial till 2014 so we can forgive this oversight…

But Robyn was around [Be Mine] and provding platinum-blonde Scandi ice-tunes, surely she’d have made it. And Taio Cruz had already “Come On, Girl” and what about Estelle ‘s “American Boy?” That ought to have been on the list!  So should’ve “All Summer Long” [Kid Rock.] Just saying it like it is!

Not really a fan of country music? This free-spirited selection might change your mind and get you in the mood. So find your cassette tape, push it in, roll down the windows, and liberate yourself.

American Honey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Various Artists is Out Now

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©


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