Indie Blues from BROKEN WITT REBELS — Live at Islington Assembly Hall

With comments flying  and comparisons made between the concrete vocals of Danny Core and Kings Of Leon’s Caleb [though we prefer to think that he sounds like Joe Cocker] the BROKEN WITT REBEL songs such as “Low” have that disgustingly dirty grime plus spoonfuls of longing that make their show such an energizing blues experience.

Photo Credit: Martin Porter
Photo Credit: Martin Porter

We watched the band perform at the top London venue — Islington Assembly Hall — supporting the massive KING KING.

The chemical structures of the songs and the spiritual interaction between musicians meant that we were often reminded of vintage FACES.

In fact the elegant — yet plucky — technique of the Rebel lead guitarist James Tranter reminded us very much of Ronnie Wood.

The young Brit band “We are from Birmingham in case you would not have noticed ” explained Luke Davis [bass] payed respect to the crisp, dynamic approach to song-writing started by their blues-fathers.

But that did not stop them from reaching for their own formulas: bubble-pots of glamour, shimmer and soft-eyed sadness.

For fans of hardened blues “Guns” is perhaps the weakest song in their repertoire. It does not have the tangled majesty of “Nowhere Train” or the rooftop soaring accomplishment of Queen Bee. Nevertheless it gets loads of attention from younger fans and has an antiphonal approach that seems reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys and of course the Kings of Leon.

This was a show of ultra-high quality blues-influenced garage rock with carbonized-zinc vocals that seemed so agitated and passionate they took us out of the North London realm and up into celestial bodies.

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©

Main Image: Photo Credit Laurence Harvey




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