PSYCHO KISS — Grit Album Review

PSYCHO KISS deliver their unrivaled distillation of hard rock fused with quality melodic metal on their third studio album titled “Grit” – now available digitally.

We were lucky enough to see this fab female fronted band from Wales UK when they first started on their journey, and voted for them at the Highway to Hell contest.

The talented line-up consists of Helen Ceri Clarke (Lead Vocals) Paul O’Brien (Lead Guitar) Tom Williams (Bass Guitar) Pete Rose (Rhythm Guitar) and Penfold (Drums).

PSYCHO KISS - a persuasive voice that sizzles as much as it haunts...
PSYCHO KISS – a persuasive voice that sizzles as much as it haunts…

Listeners can smell the candyfloss and corn as they first visit “Grit” — then they reach the title track which is a helical twist of expert riffs licked to the clutter as they foam around the central stem of the piece which is a persuasive voice that sizzles as much as it haunts.

If only the American comedy horror show “Scream Queens” was as technically comprehensive and electrifying as the PSYCHO KISS track of the same name… This song has a real blues-feel, with polished guitars and intelligent time signatures and, of course, a very determined singer. A top track.

“Grieve For You” begins with a guitaring foam before settling into a country-style ballad with an imperative voice thate evokes longing and heartache in every line.

This grows, as it exalts it’s sentiment, into a superior piece of graceful composure and underlying angst …. till it has all the passion and surrender that reminds you of the kind of cinematography that seems to embrace the horizon.

Here is powerful melodic rock with a voice so audacious and energetic that the clouds will be lifted from any heavy forehead. For lovers of Alannah Myles.

Words: Neil Mach 2017 ©

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