RAINBREAKERS release their fresh EP “Rise Up” on 7th April.

The EP was recorded at Purple Door Studios with acclaimed producer Robin Andrews.

The four-piece band from Shrewsbury UK play muscled-up songs full of diesel-dark attitude, catchy guitars and heavy bump-and-run beats.

The band recreates the sounds of the past, with garage-rock riffs, authentic R&B grooves and powerful soul melodies.

After the release of their “Blood Not Brass” the band played throughout the UK gaining support for their music and winning a nomination for Best Emerging Artist in the British Blues Awards.

The voice is sober and accompanied by squelches and furrows...
The voice is sober and accompanied by squelches and furrows…

The “Rise Up” EP starts with the gradually building soft-focus “On My Own” that seems about a relationship that has gone past its best.

The voice is sober and accompanied by squelches and furrows. The tenacious grip the singer Ben re-creates on the number is as tense as  it is emotional. Then there’s the release of a purgative guitar. This song is touching and sharp.

Title track “Rise Up” is punctured by sharp notes and occasional trickles & squirts of blues guitar.

As a war-cry for protest this is muted and understated. Underwhelming, almost. As if we must harness positivity if we are ever to face the challenges that living in this post Trump post Brexit world will bring us.

Perception” is a brilliant love song with a psychedelic soul environment. This is languid and dreamy.

The EP concludes with “Living Free” with an insistent knock on the edge and ever growing tension. The voice is austere without being grim. And the message does not seem as hopeful as it should — and that is perhaps because this is a song about the little struggles we all experience within busy relationships.

Ben Edwards’ vocals are compassionate on all the numbers, and there are many well-crafted, witty guitar moments from Charlie Edwards… with capable bass-play from Peter Adams and nimble drummery by Sam Edwards.

The songs here won’t exactly brighten your day — the thoughts on the EP are intimate, the passions are fervid… if a little underplayed.

This is a CD for late night reflections and poignant memory-making.

The new EP “Rise Up” from the RAINBREAKERS is released 7th April.

Words: Neil Mach 2017 ©
Photo Credit: © Mark Lloyd
Link: therainbreakers.com


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