LINDSAY FOOTE is a folk singer and songwriter based in Toronto, Canada.

Like all good folkies, she writes expressive poetry to sing. Her work is confessional and intimate, capable of thawing the coldest heart.

Influenced by artists like Shawn Colvin and Anais Mitchell, Lindsay’s unforced songstyle has clearness and quality.

Lindsay Foote – her songs contemplate the waves & cycles that are prevalent in everyday life…

Lyrically, her songs contemplate the waves & cycles that are prevalent in everyday life: relocation, heartache, and the effort required to keep hold of one’s own identity — these are frequent themes.

The lucidity of Lindsay’s songs — and the velvet nature of her voice — allows her to seduce and almost magically interact with an audience.

She released her EP “Going Gone” on March 12, we had a listen:

The recording begins with the insistent “Found It”  that has a rubber and gothic beat and stringy bangles of sound.

There are deep arches and hollow crevices in the song-architecture and even the fizz of a banjo.

But you will be most impressed by the luxurious voice and the soothing atmosphere. The theme and mood is “discovery” — the voice is contralto with a damson plum texture.

Silence” is a poppy, soft song with a kinetic flip. The rhythms remind us of the first wash of a spring tide on the shingly beach. Here new age sounds intermingle with soft jazz undertones.

Monster” is a hey-la-la-hey ditty about, perhaps, a monster we might know as doubt… as it seeps into a mind at midnight. The gray/purple voice is beautifully adorned by Foote & Co.

Here are the most celestial & moving folk songs you can imagine — for fans of Norah Jones or Joan Baez.

Words: Neil Mach 2017 ©
Images from artist or artist’s agent


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