HACKETT — Smoke & Sirens

Progressive rock musician, songwriter and performer STEVE HACKETT has been chatting about the first five tracks of his new album “The Night Siren” that comes out 24th March….

See the video [below]

“Behind The Smoke” – the constriction of catgut and the depth of merciless storm-waves…

HACKETT gained a worldwide reputation with the rock band Genesis [1971 to 1977] and released his first solo album, Voyage of the Acolyte, while still in Genesis [1975]

Hackett’s new solo album continues his exploration into world music, and also contains influences from the Beatles’ psychedelic phase to classic science fiction.

We checked-out “Behind The Smoke” from “The Night Siren” —

The voice is heavy, and placed to rest on the battle-scarred earth… the songstyle uttered with wonky tuning against a beautiful konghou-sound…

However, this is a song about the conflagration of war [concentrating on the Middle East] so it’s full of trauma and human casualty.

Out of the impactful dust-bomb imagery comes irregular architectural rendering (with guitar sounds reminiscent of Ritchie Blackmore circa ’75).

This is a somnolent & thoughtful piece and questions the reasons for the people’s plight from an especially personalized refection (Hackett’s own ancestors were refugees from a devastated country.)

The guitar-work doesn’t scream rock — in fact this number contains deeply dark movements, the constriction of catgut and the depth of merciless storm-waves — it’s a moody journey made via grim burial pits fuelled by hate, greed, and perverted power.

Words: Neil Mach 2017 ©

“The Night Siren” is released March 24, 2017

You can order a copy as limited coloured or black double vinyl
Plus CD / Special Edition CD+Blu-Ray / CD / Digital now from

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