ROYAL THUNDER create incomparable, genre-bending sounds that have impressed audiences since guitarist Josh Weaver founded the band in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2004.

Their classic rock takes influence from the grunge of the 90s, as well as elements of progressive and psychedelic.

Weaver’s songwriting along with bassist/frontwoman Mlny Parsonz’s soul-burning vocals have led to worldwide critical acclaim.

Josh Weaver says their new album, “WICK is different, a bigger jump as far as our sound goes, but it’s still us, it’s just the sound of Royal Thunder’s evolution…

We’ve been listening to the album [out via Spinefarm Records on April 7th]

Wick – Royal Thunder

Burning Tree” is a slow song with prog-folk ambitions and stained with medieval monophony and celestial liturgical dimensions.

This is for lovers of popular electric folk and fans of fusion-rock, and connects with multiple artistic backgrounds via classic notions and symbolism within the whirry lines of guitar.

April Showers” [released in February with a video directed by Justin Reich] is an evolutionary ever-building structure with subterranean rhythms, a dazzling voice and exhilarating guitars.

During the early stages of song development, this is a clean and highly controlled hymn — but soon becomes an unusually powerful invocation. Perhaps it sounds like something that might have been done by the 1980’s American metallers W.A.S.P. back in their heyday — with Alannah Myles throaty roar in attendance. In other words — this is powerful heroic poison.

Tied” is a standard hard-rock track that sounds as if it’s from the mid 1970’s — but is built with extravagant keys and other quirky embellishments that keep it nearer the avant-garde end of the spectrum. Best of all, it has the dense fury of Parsonz’s cobalt ‘n’ copper voice. This also has a charred sound-spine and fizzy flourishes around the edges.

Title track “Wick” has more of those prickly/spindly spider-legged guitars [found throughout this album] along with the same mechanical motion. Here the guitars are tilted downwards though, as the song’s ingredients glide into the deepest gulleys of the listener’s mind. This number has tremendous pulling power.

This is an album full of high-powered confidence, with an urgent buzz of radiant passion and ever-burning complexity.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©
Main Photo Credit: Jimmy Hubbard


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