FANNY & ATTA BOYS Peck theDirt

The San Diego based jazz ‘n’ blues band FANNY AND THE ATTA BOYS will release their album ‘A Peck of Dirt‘ on March 24th.

With their driving vocals [Fanny and Natt Wise] the band is known to put on a show that engages the audience with energy, soul, and sense of humor.

The sophisticated kazooming jazz of the flapper-era…

We had a listen:

Simple Love” is a dramatic Russian sounding slow-stepper. With mysterious clarinet and a keen banjo.

There is a sense of vibrant horror-hammer fooling around in “Eerie Lullaby.

This is basically a Cotton Club number that somehow manages to combine some smoky bajoing! of cabaret sounds with the theme of childish nightmares to create some sophisticated kazooming jazz that would feel right at home in the flapper-era.

And “Sugar Moon” is a sashy jazz-baby flap with zingy and galloping bass thrums.

All through these songs there’s the girlish quality of Fanny Wise’s singing style — it adds piquancy and delicious titilation throughout — oozing and sensuous one minute. Chuckly the next.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©


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