DIET CIG — Swear They’re Good

DIET CIG have announced the release of their hugely anticipated debut album. Entitled “Swear I’m Good At This

The album will be released on April 7 via Frenchkiss Records.

The band are well-known for their physical live shows and will be touring to support the release.

Melodies that move easily from tender gasp to concealed snarl against luminescent feedback…

Alex Luciano (guitar and vocals) and Noah Bowman (drums) have been playing music together since Luciano interrupted a set for a lighter.

The New York duo have since released the catchy E.P. “Over Easy” [2015] that introduced the world to their a concordant sing-a-long lyrics with drubbing drums and hearty unbridled strums.

Swear I’m Good At This” gathers together the duo’s doggedness and attention to detail to bring a whole bunch of correlating tarradiddles each set adrift with nervy intuition and mettle in the marrow.

Luciano wrote lyrics that are unguarded yet uncompromising — a storm of affectional emotion that creates lofty mental imagery around the soft squishy rhythms.

I’m not being dramatic, I’ve just [..] had it with the things that you say you think that I should be…” spits Luciano on “Link in Bio

I am bigger than the outside shell of my body and if you touch it without asking then you’ll be sorry —” she hollers on “Maid Of The Mist’.

Songs like “Tummy Ache” have  McGuinn-style guitar jangles and ruffled vocal melodies that move easily from tender gasp to concealed snarl in the flicker of some luminescent feedback.

It might be breezy and sweet, on one level, and that’s because it’s indie pop. But it also contains snarl and attitude too. And that’s because it’s punk.

They say their approach to punk is to treat it with radical softness. So this is like poking yourself in the eye with a candy coated floss-stick … just for kicks… then screaming-out in protest

Diet Cig
Swear I’m Good At This
Frenchkiss Records
7 April 2017

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