KALEIDO — Experience

Detroit’s KALEIDO take a fresh view of traditional of rock ‘n’ roll.

Their debut full-length album Experience [coming this May on Luxor Records] is a guileless celebration of all that’s best about pure and loveable soul/rock flecked with pop embellishments, and with the kind of smoothness you only find in R&B plus a dab or two of punk ‘n’  funk.

Experience – Kaleido

The band comprises of Christina Chriss (vocals) Joey Fava (drums) Ronnie Rosolino (rhythm guitar) Cody Morales (bass) and Zach Bolling (lead guitar.)

Imagine a tireless, spanking version of early No Doubt to get the basic idea. They’re justly renowned for their unforgettable songwriting and thrilling live shows.

The band recently completed a US tour with rock legends Living Colour and their first tour of the United Kingdom with Alien Ant Farm and Hed PE in October 2016.

“Trouble In Paradise” – a cream and toffee delight…

The first single from Experience titled “Love & War” (co-written and featuring Dryden Mitchell of Alien Ant Farm and originally released in ’15) is a dark-edged brutally cynical love-story of disheartened hearts and distrustful trusting.

There’s an energetic bass-line and fuzzy chords along with zingy-fresh motifs. The melodic elements ching! freely. This is one for fans of The Pretty Reckless or Halestorm.

Trouble in Paradise” the second single from the album has a coconut-tree moondance bounce. The vocals from Christina are Tweety Pie innocent — know what we mean? Long lashes and ambiguous high-pitched tones — in other words it’s a cream and toffee delight.

The curvy salamander guitars and the tropical bass lines all add calypso heat till the big splash comes… and when the splash comes you’ll get wet. Mark our words!   Oh yeah…

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Kaleidoband



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