MALLEN — Jack of Cards

UK heavy rockers MALLEN have released their official video for the debut single “Jack of Cards” — see below.

Kelly-Jane : bewitching vocals

MALLEN formed in the West Midlands in 2013 and their naturally talented song-writing [Dann Pritchard] was brought to life by the bewitching vocals of frontwoman Kelly-Jane and given sturdy foundations by bassist Dean Ellis and drummer Tom Crowfoot.

The band were humbled when asked to play an acoustic set on the forum stage for Alice Cooper and Mötley Crüe during Mötley Crüe’s farewell tour.

Jack of Cards – thrusting chorus…

A mutual love for hot-rods “greasers” and biker rock gave Mallen the inspirational fuel they needed for their first EP.

Later, guitarist Rhys Broomhall joined the band. And bassist Joe Horton took over when Dean retired.

November 2016 saw the release of single “Jack of Cards.”

It’s a groovy soup filled with deep riffs, broad mellifluous verses and a thrusting chorus that reminds us of Halestorm


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