CJ ORAZI —Ain’t Unicorns

CJ ORAZI is a Florida acoustic blues artist and singer/songwriter.

The former Familiar Sin musician records numbers of hope set against despair…

It’s as if he opens-up his cardiac vein for us — to let the arterial product seep out…

The impression of the vocal effort is flame and passion…

The new album “It Ain’t All Unicorns And Rainbows” starts with “Your Man” — a personalized folk song of imperfect wishes.

We all want to be wanted… but when is it acceptable to say so?

The impression of the vocal effort is flame and passion. And the guitar work is a little more “Andalusian” than strictly backwoods blues… although the rhythms produce a sense of urgency.

There is a regularity of pulse on “She Loves me (not)” with wonderful harmonies and a disturbing banjo. This song is not all it seems … because after the “broken pieces” have been collected the song becomes an indecent bluegrass knees-up. Well, anguish doesn’t have to be a sickly mope does it?

Pride – There is a prohibitive dimension here because the song is about belief in the proper sense…

Pride” is a single taken from the album. From time to time a guitar string shines like an unexpected flash in the dark, swampish sounds.

There is a prohibitive dimension here because the song is about belief in the proper sense. It has an insistent riff and a howling vocal which, for us, lies somewhere between “Walpurgis” era Osbourne and “New Religion” period Zakk Wylde. So hard-rock fans will find they’re drawn in.

In fact, we are confident enough to assert that if you’re a biker and you like an occasional dip into the Southern Vampire swamplands — this one’s definitely for you.

The other single “Martyr” has a discordant tangle of guitar — with vocals that sit at very edge of what’s pleasant or even comfortable.

It’s a hard thing to like at first sitting… because it drips with anxiety or discontent. And that’s why you’ll love it, of course. Though you’ll need to concentrate.

CJ ORAZI remains dignified and firmly in control of his destiny…

On the face of it, the uncomplicated voice and guitar accompaniment on this album is direct and undemanding — but these songs are far more challenging & rewarding than you might first think.

The singer may be resigned to sadness & loneliness but he remains dignified and in firm control.

And that’s why this collection of songs is so successful — it’s so rewarding.

There is never a maudlin moment. His words are never illiterate. His guitar-play never muddy.

This musician is a talented exponent and a persuasive poet…. All he’s doing here is explaining — and overcoming — life’s irksome little ills.  And, gosh, he does it so well.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©

Link: whoiscjorazi.com

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