Growing up in a musical family, TOMMY LOOSE has been surrounded by music throughout his life.

He began to tinkle the ivory at the age of four, then progressed to tuba at age 10.

He started on classical guitar at 13. He formed a metal band “Smokescreen” with his brother Sam Loose. Together they released five albums and played over 250 gigs across England and parts of Europe. Now he’s back in Spalding, Lincolnshire — a guitar-teacher and solo artist.

Tommy opted to move away from the world of rock & metal and instead he focused on acoustic guitar… [Seen here with harp]
In 2007 Tommy opted to move away from the world of rock & metal and instead he focused on acoustic guitar. He began composing and performing solo throughout the UK and Ireland, and released two solo albums with the third “(I’m Gonna) Tell God Everything” to be released April 24th 2017. It was recorded at N/A Studios [Arcane Roots] with his brother Sam .

Aside from a flourishing career as a musician, Tommy is also in high demand as a music lecturer. He has worked at Coventry University for four years since he earned his degree. He has met visiting Professor Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and examines music around the world for the Rockschool International Examination Board.

Munificent and delectable plucking…

The new album “(I’m Gonna) Tell God Everything” is a private and subjective reflection on the darkest surfaces of life: “The title comes from an Internet image that was circulating quite recently after everything happening in Syria…” he says.

A young boy 3/4 years old was wounded and subsequently died —his last words were reportedly, “I’m Gonna Tell God Everything”. The innocence and unintentional severity really stuck with me, and got me thinking…

The album begins with “Talkin’ The Walk” that’s a jazzy intro before the superb song “Nest” with its munificent and delectable plucking that fill the heart before the rhythms of the “Lonely as the mockingbird...” chorus bleed in. [A reference to “Hush Little Baby” perhaps?] This contains the elemental imagery of regret and repentence as described in his story above.

The gently swinging “Ruby Blue” [it reminds us of “Dream a Little Dream” by the way] is a plume-fringed, finely judged and delicate offering of blue nylon notes. The song expands gracefully and willingly.

A delicate offering of blue nylon notes…
She Knows My Name” is another creative and joyful instrumental piece — this one with tranquil piano. And there’s a shock at the end of the peaceful collection with “Change You” (a rock song recorded with a full band.) It’s a fairly pretty unsophisticated rough puncher … quite nice, but a bit incongruous.

All in all — this is a collection of unruffled songs — wonderfully adorned with piano-like finger-picking and an elegant folksy voice… All superbly performed.

It’s essential that folk singers remain homeless — the image is of a wandrer with a six-string on the back —  travelling the flinty by-ways and trading songs for rides… In a way, this album is a celebration of that foot-loose free-wheelin’ life. It’s great not to have responsibilities and commitments, right?

Okay, yes. Until the darkness approaches. Then, as a musician, you have got to stand still. And write.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©

Artist – Tommy Loose
Release – (I’m Gonna) Tell God Everything
Release Date –April 24th 2017

April ’17 sees Tommy tour his third studio release, dates here:

7th April – The Anexe, Spalding
9th April – The Picture House, Stratford Upon Avon
11th April – Nineteen Bar and Grill, Loughborough
12th April – The Met Lounge, Peterborough
22nd April – The Angles Theatre, Wisbech (Main Auditorium)
28th April – Gringo’s, Norwich
13th October – Harp Guitar Gathering, Carlsbad, California – USA
14th October – Harp Guitar Gathering, Carlsbad, California – USA
15th October – Harp Guitar Gathering, Carlsbad, California – USA


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