Ohio heavy metal quartet NINE SHRINES will release their debut E.P. titled ‘Misery’ on Mascot Records this April 21st.

NINE SHRINES was formed by Attack Attack! drummer Andrew Wetzel with the Life On Repeat guitarist Andrew Baylis in early 2014. They are a band made up of interconnected elements from the Ohio music scene.

Some people don’t deserve forgiveness and this is the anthem of our retribution…

After exploring different ideas, the song ‘King of Mercy’ [track 2 on the E.P.] became the sound they were looking for..

Wetzel explained: “It’s for people that have been walked on their whole lives. We’ve all had a time when we felt like our sole purpose was to bend over backwards so everyone around us could get what they want. This is a very personal song for us. Some people don’t deserve forgiveness and this is the anthem of our retribution.”

The record follows the same theme; ‘Parasite’ was the next song written for the E.P. and is based on personal experiences and is intended as an ode to those who deliberately create problems.

We didn’t really set out to create a theme…” explained Wetzel. “Once we wrote ‘King of Mercy’ we were like OK… and as we went on we saw ‘Misery’ take shape as a whole, it became a statement, an explanation of how we got here, a curated series of things that have occurred previously for all of us that has led up to this.

Dark antediluvian haunt…

We had a listen to the E.P. —

Opener “Bend” is a dark antediluvian haunt… of hot resin and gumbo.

The vocal from Chris Parketny (ex-Stranger to Wolves) takes pride of place in the clash between huge V-shaped riffs and bravely fast rhythms. The death-or-glory guitar lines are lightning bolts of pure energy.

King Of Mercy” [see below] is a brutal and furious heavy-metal number, but a hymn, nevertheless — set amidst increasingly thick membranes of low-end riffery.

Misery” is a crazy galloping hike. With crown & sceptre splendour and a main theme that is eminently cantable. The structure of the song is in constant development and thus is increasingly noisy and frantic… In total, however, it remains an edifying experience.

This is almost de-boned progressive in nature — though contains proper high-octane post-hardcore ebullience. An incredibly exciting, totally energizing, set of songs…


Words: @neilmach 2017 ©
Photo Credit : Tyler Church

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