Switzerland is the focus country for this year’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton and, in anticipation, the emerging Swiss talent DEBRAH SCARLETT will perform at the TGE Presents event tonight Tuesday 25th April.

Cynical Youth – Debrah Scarlett

Elton John is already a big fan of Debrah. He played ‘Cynical Youth’ [see below] on his Rocket Hour show on Beats 1. He also picked picked the number for his “Song of the day” on Amazon Music.

Debrah is a 23-year-old Swiss born daughter to a Norwegian mother and a Swiss-Italian father and spent many years travelling between countries when she was young.

She represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 along with Mørland with the song “A Monster Like Me” and competed on the Norwegian version of The Voice in 2013.

[I felt like] an alien, different from those around me,” she says. And although Debrah spoke several languages from a young age, she never seemed to perfect any of them. “Music became my language,” she states “It enabled me to truly express myself...”

Since then she has crafted an entire musical world from the sleepy town of Nittedal, in Norway. She makes the kind of spiritually uplifting pop music that speaks to the human condition – with all the representation, imagery and dream-vision that comes from it.

Tuesday 25 April 2017: TGE presents:
Venue: Old Blue Last in Shoreditch – 38 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3ES


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