PRINCE — Deliverance

In recognition of the one year anniversary of the passing of PRINCE [1958-2016] the Rogue Music Alliance is releasing a special six song EP titled DELIVERANCE comprising several little-known studio recordings — previously unreleased to the public — recorded between 2006-2008.

The single has been disentangled from litigation

The title track from the EP “Deliverance ” was briefly made available as a single on iTunes and Apple Music via RMA / Lionhawk / JMA Promotion last week before being blocked by Prince’s estate and Paisley Park Enterprises.

But it seems the temporary ban only applied to the EP and not the single. So the title track has been disentangled from litigation and is available once more.

In February 2017 Universal Records stated they struck a deal with Prince’s estate to gain exclusive rights to the late artist’s work. But RMA with Lionhawk & JMA Promotion suggest that the songs on this EP were written and recorded when Prince was an independent artist.

In the spirit of that independence, and in supporting Prince’s well-known opinion of major label contracts, they say the EP is being delivered and released independently via the Vancouver, WA based record company. RMA suggests that the majority of sales will benefit Prince’s estate.

If ever fully released the Deliverance EP will deliver six previously unheard tracks including the title track, and also “Man Opera” a song that has a four-movement medley.

The Trinidadian engineer Ian Boxill (he worked on Musicology and 3121 as well as with other artists including 2Pac, Gladys Knight, Janet Jackson ) says he co-wrote and co-produced all the tracks on the EP during 2006-2008. After Prince’s untimely passing, Boxill states he continued their work by completing the compositions and arrangements before mopping up production and mixing.

Ian Boxill – says he co-wrote and co-produced the EP

Ian Boxill said, “I believe ‘Deliverance’ is a timely release with everything going on in the world today, and in light of the one-year anniversary of his passing. I hope when people hear Prince singing these songs it will bring comfort to many.”

Prince once told me that he would go to bed every night thinking of ways to bypass major labels and get his music directly to the public. When considering how to release this important work, we decided to go independent because that’s what Prince would have wanted….

When we listened to the gospel-blues title track “Deliverance” we found a delicious organ-laced ballroom waltz with sweet juicy choruses and big blousy backing vocals.

As expected the adorning guitar is charged and fizzing. And the stretch-velvet falsetto is almost iridescent.

HITNRUN Phase Two – Prince

HITNRUN Phase Two is the last offical PRINCE album

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